Revamped Opera Mini for Android addresses the reality of patchy Internet in India.

Bangalore, March 28, 2017: As every survey shows, Indians are compulsive consumers of music and video on their  hand phones. And as other surveys show,  this can be a  challenge -- with low connection speeds making for a sluggish online experience.
The Oslo, Norway-headquartered Opera  has been sensitive to this problem and in the latest iteration of its mobile browser, Opera Mini has added some useful India-friendly features. This is perhaps why so many handset brands, especially Indian ones, offer this browser preinstalled.
A new download manager  which can be accessed through a dedicated icon, makes video and music downloads easier and faster. An auto scan feature, enables  users  to download files without accidentally clicking on unwanted pop-up ads.  This is how it is achieved:
When users visit social media, MP3,  or movie download sites, Opera Mini will automatically scan it for the direct download links under the Extreme Mode. The downloadable content will appear like a menu ready for their selection. It serves the files from a drop-down menu on the top of users’ screen, without the hassle of scrolling. This auto scan feature is now available on Facebook, Pagalworld, Tubidy,  and DJPunjab and a few other  sites popular in India.

AI-powered newsfeed integrated inside Opera Mini browser
Opera Mini  now comes with a  built-in newsfeed feature, powered by artificial intelligence. It is now available for testing in selected countries, including India. This personal newsreader works by learning about people’s reading habit. The more news they read, the more relevant stories they will get. This feature will help Indians gain  one-click access to the current events.
Some other features of Opera Mini  include:
Opera Mini’s own compression technology is now extended to saved page feature so that the size of a page you save will become as little as 10% of their original size... by excluding the unwanted frills.
Support for video boost when using Extreme mode: This is a compression technology that reduces up to 50% of data consumption when watching the video.
Full-menu Facebook Android notification bar: Opera Mini provides Facebook users with fast access to notifications without the need to open another app. Once Facebook notification bar is activated, simply pull from the top of your Android phone to show a full menu with Facebook notifications.
The new Opera Mini is now available in Google Play Store You  can download it for free    here