Narendra Sarawgi greets Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj at the Fairfax County event in Bangalore, 12 May
'Come to Fairfax, if you want to do IT with US govt.'

Indian tech players target US  federal biz;  look for base  near Washington DC 

Newgen Software, a leading provider of Business Process and Enterprise Content Management solutions; Grintex which provides technical and logistical services in defence, aerospace and satellite technology markets & Vasu Exports, a company that specializes in supplying furniture worldwide are the latest among Indian entities, to set up shop in Fairfax County, Virginia (US), a region that strategically located between the Washington Dc federal area and its global gateway, Dulles International Airport.
Karnataka Governor H.R. Bhardwaj, and US Vice Consul General Rebecca A. Seweryn, were present at an event in Bangalore last week, where over 150 technology executives came to hear why establishing their US business in Fairfax, might be the canny thing to do, if they wanted to scoop up some of the government related business worth over $ 17 billion dollars that the 6000 plus tech players in region attract every year.Fairfax County, offers opportunities in defence, homeland security and ITC services and over 20 Indian companies (along with more than 330 companies from other countries) have an office in the county. In fact Fairfax is the biggest IT market in the US – not Silicon Valley on the west coast.

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority -- FCEDA  --( ) promotes Fairfax County, as a business and technology centre -- and became in 2004, the first local U.S. entity to establish a permanent presence in Bangalore to work with Indian companies The Bangalore based management consultancy firm Innoversant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. represents FCEDA in India.  Siddharth Sarawgi, director of Fairfax County EDA in India and CEO of Innoversant Solutions told the assembled tech honchos that Fairfax County offers a $22 billion plus opportunity from the US federal government, a major part of which is cornered by the technology companies in ICT, defense & homeland security.

Bangalore May 17 2010