Inching towards the autonomous car

25th February 2017
Inching towards the  autonomous car
5G based car control.. a Nokia demo

Multiple companies in India are working on solutions that  bring the day nearer when cars can drive smartly -- even if not entirely on their own.
Bangalore, February 25 2017:   All this talk of driverless cars  and advanced trials at Google, Tesla and other companies is to put it mildly,  scary for  us Indians, knowing as we to the crazy driving conditions in our roads.  Fully autonomous cars  may be a no-go on Indian roads in the near future.  But that does not mean we should enjoy the benefits and spin offs of research that is working to create smart vehicles, where car+computer+ communication = a better, safer ride.
In recent months  engineers in multiple locations in India have been working to make this happen. They represent different aspects of smarter driving  -- but when whipped together may yet make for a great experience, in the near future.
At the Nokia Innovation expo in Bangalore recently, the telecom networks leader  previewed some car-centric solutions  which ride on the next datacom wave -- 5G. The difference between 4G and 5G  makes  for a vast upscaling in the ability of cars to  put in place automatic  collision avoidance. This can result in a significant speed up traffic on roads  -- and also  point the way to vehicle tagging that can automatically  direct cars to the nearest spot  for parking. In another scenario that Nokia engineers demonstrated,  it can promptly deliver warning message to people in dangerous proximity to a manned or un-manned railway crossing.

DRIVERLESS CAR TRIALS IN INDIA: Autonomous cars are yet to get r commercial anywhere, but trust Indian automobile leaders to  push towards  driverless inother safer sectors -- like buses and tractors.
Mahindra is sensibly starting with driverless tractors. Think about it ... this is relatively safe since tractors generally do fixed runs in unpopulated areas like fields.  They are ideal candidates to go driverless and  Chairman Anand Mahindra indicated earlier this month that  his company is already working on this.
Last month journalists who visited the Tata Motors facility in Pune witnessed a driverless bus, doing a  staff pickup  and drop run within the campus.  This has been going on for 2-3 months and though it  is  just one small step -- going at a stately 10 kmph --  it is nevertheless a giant leap for driverless technology in India

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