Different strokes for different PC folks!

The PC  comes in new forms and shapes

Bangalore, January 23 2017: Four months ago,  a leading technology analyst sounded  a stark warning: personal computer makers   faced a stark choice  between drastically overhauling their businesses or  losing the PC market by 2020. "The PC business model as we have traditionally known it, is broken,"  warned Gartner. The industry needed to innovate -- or die.
Gartner and IDC, both  released  annual numbers  for global PC sales, which  only  confirmed this doom and gloom scenario. But there is hope of a revival in the form of specialist  PCs and niche form factors
Making PCs smarter through speech, emotion and touch; expanding new products for the connected home; or developing products targeted to vertical markets- that's the way the PC roadmap is spooling out in 2017.  Soon a  PC may serve as  " information butler" at home --  a combination of a chat bot and voice-activated virtual personal assistant.
The PC is not dead, only different
Scratching the 'Surface': Microsoft's contribution to the evolving PC is Surface -- "the  tablet to replace your laptop".  With a standard 12.3 inch touch screen, Surface is available in a wide  price range from Rs 60,000 to Rs 1.6 lakhs,  depending on the  processor and the solid state  storage that can go up to half a terabyte.  Hyderabad-based Smartron, co-founded by Mahesh Lingareddy,  Narsi Reddy  and Rohit Rathi  set some keen Indian brains on the job -- and conceived, designed and engineered, their own take on Surface which delivers most  of the functionality at a more affordable price of around Rs 40,000.  The  T Book is  one of the most innovative PC designs to come from India in 2017: an ultra portable  12. 2 inch Windows 10 touch PC,  with 128 GB of on board storage, detachable keyboard and a seamless connection to your smart devices that lets you jump from screen to screen.
Says Mahesh Lingareddy: With the convenience of 2-in-1 convertible laptops we are likely to see this market expanding and  help in reshaping the current PC market through some great innovation. We  believe it is not just the hardware that is important but the overall experience and convenience to the customers that play a major role.  Smartron devices brings along with it ‘tronx’ a platform that will enable seamless experience to our customers. Smartron tronx extends phone experience onto tbook and vice versa. This would help to grow pc market.
We are at the beginning of a new hardware innovation cycle fueled by IoT. The IoT wave will take internet, smart devices, systems and apps of today much beyond its conventional realm, by integrating next generation smart, sensors, artificial intelligence, robotics and big data technologies to provide customized and intelligent devices, services and support.As part of our future offerings in the PC hardware segment we will bring Ultrabook and the next generation tbook which will give unique experience by integrating the IoT services to various other devices seamlessly.