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Pointers for India from CES 2017

Tech  to expect
Bangalore, January 9 2017: The annual CES show in Las Vegas (formerly Consumer Electronics Show)   which ended on Sunday,  had its usual quota of  tentative technology,  ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, a lot of it irrelevant to Indians. 
Among the  more  bizarre this year was  a  $ 200 smart hair brush,  embedded with WiFi, pressure sensors and a microphone. It  'listened' as you brushed your hair, picked up  signs of dry hair or  split ends - and dished out appropriate advice through your mobile phone.
But there were a few  more practical pointers to personal technology trends that would touch us in 2017:
VR-AR phone
Asus  unveiled the world's first mobile phone  -- the ZenFone AR -- enhanced  for  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It is enabled  with  Google's Tango, a set of sensors  for motion tracking and  depth perception,  that  gives the phone  the ability to understand space and motion like a human. It is also  equipped with Daydream, another Google technology for mobile VR. The phone is TriCam -- ie, it has 3 rear cameras for creating a 3-D  model of its surroundings. A motion tracker   tracks its location and  measures distance from   nearby objects.  There are a host of practical applications.  To name just one:  You can use the phone to  take room measurements and place virtual furniture  before redecorating your home.
Acer educational Chromebook
Acer  has adapted the Chromebook format for educational use. Knowing that students tend to be rough with their tools, the makers have  built  the  11.6 inch  Chromebook 11 N7 (C731) to  military specifications  of ruggedness -- it can endure a 60 kg blow on the cover; or  a drop from 122 cms height;  it  can withstand  cola  spills on the keyboard; it won't slide on the  desk. Its battery will keep it working for 12 hours; it weighs just 1.35 kg and can be hinged 180 degrees to sit flat for sharing in class. And  there are no whirring fans to disturb the class.
Away, backpack blues!
What's  the biggest pain when travelling abroad with your laptop? Removing it  for the X Ray scan, every time you pass airport security.  Targus has launched the  Mobile ViP backpack which does away with this requirement. Good for laptops or tablets from 15.6 inches or smaller, the backpack has a zipper which lays the two halves of the bag  , one for the laptop, the other for accessories, flat when passing through security. Apparently  the US Transportation Security Administration which seems to be setting the standards for many countries  is OK to inspecting the bag in this condition The ViP has just won  an award for its design and engineering at CES and  is available later this week in India,  for Rs 5500.

For images of these products see here

Tomorrow: more tech from CES



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Pointers for India from CES 2017
by Lynn on March  13,  2017
  "Eszter.. tényleg repül a tányér, nézd meg...:)))) és kÃlusönöm!:)Pzszed¶i, köszönöm, kedves vagy!:)Sedith, ez bizony tömény.. közel egy kiló gesztenye van benne.. hát, nem mondom, hogy kalóriaszegény...:) Sedith, majd írd meg, hgoy hogy ízlett és köszönöm, és jó az új hajad!:))Ami, vigyek majd, tudod hova..:)?Trollanyu, bizony... ennél több gesztenye csak a gesztenyében van..:DDDDCsibe, imádlak, nah.Éva, majd mesélj, hogy hogy ízlett!:)Trinty, mi is szeressük!:)"