Bigo Live video streaming app now enables broadcast of your gaming

Mumbai, December 23, 2016: BIGO LIVE is a free live-streaming video app for iOS and Android allowing mobile users to broadcast themselves and capture audiences to share their lives spontaneously via video. The app was launched on March 2016 and has immediately captured a fast-growing audience in the Southeast Asian region particularly young people.
It enjoys vast popularity not only in Asia, but also in North America, Europe, Russia and Middle East, slowing dominating the live video streaming markets in the world.
it now features support for broadcasting games directly into the BIGO LIVE app from your PC. A new connector feature now lets BIGO LIVE capture your game playing while you stream it directly to the BIGO LIVE community.
Video game streaming is a worldwide phenomenon that has bridged cultures and distance barriers to bring people closer together. 
To start capturing your PC screen, go to download the BIGO LIVE Connector. Install it on your PC and scan the QR code with your smartphone via the BIGO LIVE app.