AI aids fashion discovery

Artificial Intelligence techniques help users  extract  a fashion-setting garment or accessory from a video -- then  find a place to buy it
Bangalore, December 1 2016: How often have you  watched a video clip of a movie song or sequence and said : "I would love  to wear what  the hero ( or heroine) is sporting in this scene!"
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, your wish is their command! 
Gurgaon - based  AI startup   Staqu Technologies has  fueled  a cool fashion app with tools like  image to image matching;  image search, meta tag-based filtering and real time recommendation and is able to extract fashion from a running video.
It's called Fashin. And starting this week, it is available as an app for Android phones (it has been available for a few weeks on iOS for Apple phones and tablets).
First you download the app. Then  stream your favourite Bollywood or other videos. The app will extract the similar jacket or T-shirt or dress and tell you  at which website  it is available and at what price. 
One minute you are admiring  Deepika Padukone's   lavish costume in a  Bajirao Mastani dance number. The next minute you can order it in your size!
Fashion enthusiasts can  now search for their favorite clothes simply by uploading images, instead of having to describe the elaborate patterns and fabrics. What's more, the app compares different e-commerce sites selling the item to ensure you get a good deal.
From the recent album of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, going back to 2014, Fashin today has over 1000 YouTube videos listed for your personal styling.
So if you have secretly longed to be seen in Katrina’s lehenga or John Abraham’s T-shirt -- Fashin will help you make that happen.
Get  the Fashin app in Google Play and App Store.