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New apps breathe digital life into still photos

Shoot, scan, save & share!
Bangalore, November 27 2016:  A photograph is still the greatest way to preserve cherished memories -- and even in this digital age, many of us lovingly preserve old   family albums from our younger days. But for how long? 
Those sepia-tinted  stills become  dull  and brittle with age -- and may fade away in time.   Which is why a new Google app,  may come as a blessing  for those of us with  piles of deteriorating old photos.  'PhotoScan'  uses the camera as a scanner  and  since most such cameras are multi-megapixel, the end result is almost  as good as  that offered by a costly flatbed scanner.
This is not like taking  a photo of an old photo -- never a good idea. PhotoScan  automatically senses the edge of the photo and crops it clean; straightens crooked images, corrects for perspective and  saves the image the right way up , no matter which  way you scan.  The app is available as a free  Android and iOS app in the respective stores.
Having digitized your old photos, it makes sense to download another app -- 'Google Photo' --  which offers unlimited  cloud storage to   preserve them;  some cool tools to enhance them  by adjusting lighting, contrast, colour; a simple  visual search tool that helps you locate a particular image and a way to share them  quickly with friends and contacts.
Arti-fy your photos  
If sharing photos is something you do all the time, an Indian app  will  make it even easier. Vebbler is the brainchild of Sahil Bhagat  who promises to  make the process of sharing the photos you take with your phone, a cinch. Recently Vebbler has added  a range of image art filters which allow you to art-ify your photos to give them a vintage, monochrome, or sepia tone. 
You can even  add your reaction to a photo in  quirky ways.  Fuller details here
The business of  shooting, scanning, saving and sharing photos was never this easy!


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New apps breathe digital life into still photos
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