Filter your photos for that pro look

November 16  2016:  Most lay users may not care, but editing a photo is like applying finishing touch to a painting to make it look perfect, before  sharing with your friends and family.  Now  Vebbler, a social camera photo-sharing app  launched in August 2016,  has  added  new eye-catching Art Filters  which help the rest of  improve our pictures, the way the pros do.
Vebbler filters uses artificial intelligence, deep learning algorithms and complicated neural networks to transform everyday images into works of art. The app also allows you to “react” in an interesting and quirky way to your friends images.

  1. You can upload photos of any dimensions. While apps like Prisma limit you to create only square photos, with Vebbler you can also upload horizontal and vertical photos without cropping them.
  2. You can add additional colour filters. As soon as you art-ify a photo, you can further enhance it using filters such as monochrome, vintage and sepia.
  3. You can instantly share them with your friends and react on it. Vebbler is not just an app for photo-filters, but rather an entire photo-sharing experience. You can instantly share photos with your groups of friends through a feature called ‘clubs’ and react on it in interesting and quirky way. Check out  a video on art filters  here. And a video on reaction  here