Nutanix execs Sudheesh Nair and Sunil Mahale, recently in Bangalore( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)
Nutanix builds on its global Cloud offering with acquisitions and partnerships

Indian talent-driven Silicon Valley player  has compelling proposition  for enterprises: a smart   software-defined avatar of  server plus storage
Bangalore, October 28 2016: When   Sudheesh Nair, President of the  San Jose, California (US)-based  Nutanix came to Bangalore in August, the Indian-owned and Indian talent-driven company was on the cusp of big things about which they could only hint.
The enterprise  Cloud company had a daring proposition for clients: we will make your data centre infratructure 'invisible'!  The company's flagship cloud platform uses  Web-sized engineering tricks to converge computer servers,  storage and virtualized assets into a software-defined solution with its own brain.
This offering which set many potential  users ask: "Why didn't anyone think of this before?"  has seen clients from Hallmark to Hyundai sign up and leverage the  stark simplicity of the Nutanix solution.
In the weeks since August, the company has grown sharply  through the twin routes of acquisition and partnership:
First it acquired PernixData, a pioneer in data acceleration and analytics. In addition,Nutanix has closed the acquisition of, an innovator in DevOps automation. ( Both companies are Indian talent driven.)
Now, says Nair, Nutanix can accelerate the delivery of an Enterprise Cloud Platform that rivals the agility and  simplicity of a  public cloud but with the control, security and attractive long-term economics of on-premises  systems
“PernixData software has helped hundreds of customers virtualize their applications without compromising performance and visibility,” said Poojan Kumar, CEO and co-founder, PernixData. “With highly aligned cultures, ambition and talent, we are genuinely excited to join the Nutanixteam. And, with our common devotion to 100% software-driven solutions, will look forward to helping customers accelerate their journey to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.”
“We have shared a similar vision as Nutanix since day one - datacenter infrastructure must be fully automated, simple to deploy and easy-to-use,” said Aaditya Sood, CEO and founder, “We are excited to join the Nutanix team to work together to eliminate the daunting complexity of legacy datacenters by taking a radical, application-centric view of IT infrastructure.”
And On October 24, Nutanix announced a strategic partnership with  NxtGen, a leading provider of cloud and data center services in India& Singapore.The partnership is to develop, market and sell Hosted Private Cloud services and an enterprise-class cloud-based Disaster Recovery model from NxtGen’s 9 datacenters located across India.
Says Sunil Mahale, Vice President of India Sales at Nutanix: "Together with NxtGen’s leading cloud-hosting and data centre services, I am confident that we can provide huge value to our joint customers.”

  The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform will enable NxtGen to build and support more scalability by combining  web-scale technologies with enterprise-class capabilities. Nutanix will help provide high performance that NxtGen customers need, at as much as a 50% reduction in IT  footprint. NxtGen   hosts multiple Datacentre in India – 2 in Mumbai, 2 in Delhi NCR, 2 in Bangalore and one each in Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, and Jaipur
There is a trend to be seen in the way Nutanix has gone about  expanding its reach and capability:  Many US-based software and product companies  have India in their DNA. Increasingly  they are coming together to offer compelling solutions for an Indian and global clientele. This is a case where the resulting entity is greater than the sum of its parts.
- Anand Parthasarathy
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