Startup brings ease of online booking, to automobile servicing in Pune and Ahmedabad

Pune, October 8 2016: For just over a month now, Puneites who know about it, having been using a convenient web portal to  locate and book a reliable neighbourhood agency to service their two or four wheeled vehicle,  have the battery or tyres attended to -- or just to  use the services of a car spa.
After a successful opening in Ahmedabad, Autoyaar ( came to  Pune with the expectation that the tech-savvy people here would welcome a service that takes away a perennial worry:  How can I get my car or bike repaired  without a lot of hassle -- having to locate a reliable garage,  bargaining over the cost, delivering and collecting the vehicle on a working day?
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Autoyaar's USP is that it provides a one-stop-shop for all your vehicle worries -- especially after the warranty or free service period is over and you have to fend for yourself.  "Many owners prefer to get their services  from third party  agencies after the warranty period which is typically 3 years", explains Autoyaar co-founder Amisha Shah, " It is usually cheaper that way".  But finding a reliable and trustworthy garage is always a challenge. Autoyaar solves that problem by auditing and signing up a large number of such third party servicing agencies  after rigorous checks of their work quality.  Once you go to the website and enter what you want done, Autoyaar will locate the best and  nearest agency and  arrange for someone to come to  take your vehicle and return it -- mostly on the same day. It will provide an estimate of the charges it has negociated with the garage.  "Our rates are usually 20-30 percent lower than what you would encounter on your own", Amisha add, " Many office goers  prefer to have their car  or two-wheeler collected  after they get to their workspot and to have it delivered in time to them befoee they leave for home".   
The customer  has to deal only with Autoyaar who will manage the repair or service and facilitate online payment -- unless you prefer otherwise. 
Pune has been an encouraging experience for them says Amisha. A B.Com and an MBA in marketing,  she gave up  a lucrative professional career after six years to join  three other co-founders.  Bharat Ostwal is a BE in Mechatronics with an MBA in Marketing; Abhishek Gupta is a BE Mechanical who worked earlier  with Tata Motors and Mahindra. Sunil Gupta is an MSc statistics and an MBA in marketing  who, like Amisha, used to work for the Gujarat-based Kalthia group with interests in engineering and automobiles.  Together they brought enough subject experience to venture into the uncharted territory of  automobile services, married to the Web.   They quickly ramped up to over 1600 customers in Ahmedabad, but indications are, Pune will be even better.