With 128 GB of storage, Google Pixels offers enough storage for all your photos
Google forays into hardware space

San Francisco/ Bangalore,October 7 2016: Having dominated the web software-n-service space with its Google search engine, Chrome browser and Android operating system for phones, Google has entered the only remaining arena in IT -- hardware.
At a launch event in SanFrancisco this week,   it unveiled 2 models of a new  Google-branded smart-phone -- Pixel -- completely designed and developed inhouse. The phones will be manufactured by  Taiwan-based HTC.   Pixel and Pixel plus  as they are called sport  4G RAM,  and  the storage is a choice of   32 GB or 128 GB. The  front and back  cameras on both models  are  12.3 MP and  8 MP -- claimed to be  the best in the industry. Pixel is a 5 inch full HD screen.  
Pixel Plus is larger  at 5.5 inch. Both are single-SIM devices in an era of twin-SIM phones. They come  with the new Type C USB, though they still helpfully  sport a 3.5mm audio jack   and also the older  standard USB 3 port.   The phones  are fueled by the upcoming Android 7 nougat version of the OS. The phones  come built-in  with a new     Google Assistant,  similar to   iPhone's Siri, Amazon's Alexa  and Windows' Cortana.  Google claims that Assistant runs on Artificial Intelligence -- presumably making it cleverer, more intuitive. We have to wait and see if that is true.     Pixel's batteries are good but not the biggest on offer:  2770 mAh and 3450 mAh respectively --    but they promise all -day working. Pixel phones  will cost Rs 57,000 - Rs 75,000 in India. Pixel Plus if sold here,  will cost more, how much has not been announced.
In San Francisco,   Google has also launched  a Virtual Reality headset, Daydream View,  for $ 79 (Rs 5500), new version of its  video streaming dongle,  Chromecast,   that is updated for 4K ( $ 69 /Rs4800), and a smart  Google Home speaker   for  $ 129 ( Rs 9000).  That makes four hardware items from the world's biggest  Internet software company! Clearly a turning point for Google!   Pixel can be booked in India from October 13.