Orsuq thinks you will buy jewellery online & and launches a portal

Mumbai, September 20, 2016: Orsuq.com, a leading Indian brand for gold & diamond jewellery, has launched its online operations.  The site offers readymade BIS hallmarked (916) gold pieces, diamonds verified by Solitaire gemological laboratories and on-demand jewellery.With the price of products ranging from Rs. 7,000  to Rs. 3 Lacs and above, the online souk makes gold and diamond ornaments accessible to more and more Indians, especially younger customers and first-time buyers.
Established inJanuary 2016, Orsuq was conceptualized by Minesh Shah & Mahendra N Raju. They saw a deep mismatch between prices and what one was paying for. Orsuq was created to ensure a flexible price range catering to every consumer category.
Orsuq customers can buy gold and diamond jewellery by ordering a specific design or by booking an appointment with a jewellery designer and getting access to expert advice. In their made-to-order feature, a consumer can upload a product according to their budget and choice and Orsuq will have the jewellery manufactured for the consumer. They can also go through the profiles of the empanelled jewellery designers on the Orsuq website, select a designer of their choice and meet him/her in person to narrow down on the design that most appeals to them. Orsuq’s Expert Advice feature is called ‘Image Building’ wherein image experts interact with customers and help them identify the jewellery design that will best complement their facial features, body type, personality and the occasion for which they are buying. The idea is to help them bring out their best and most elegant side with precious gold and diamond jewellery. Once a customer books this feature, the process continues offline.
“India’s online & offline jewellery industry is worth Rs  60 billion, which is further expecting a positive growth of 15% to 20% CAGR year on year. This gives us a massive opportunity to bet for the long run and promote the concept of buying jewellery online for everyone. Besides offering unmatched quality and buyer satisfaction, we at Orsuq also understand that the cultural diversity in India yields diversity in taste and consumer preference. Keeping this in mind, we have curated an assortment of products that exude unique elements of geographical appeal. With a thorough understanding of market nuances, we wish to offer customers that extra sense of happiness when they purchase a piece of jewellery through our platform,” says Minesh Shah, Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Orsuq Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Currently, headquartered in Mumbai, Orsuq has successfully brought on board manufacturers from Surat, Jaipur, Rajkot, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Primarily targeting potential customers from the metros and mini-metros in its initial three months, Orsuq aims to expand to non-metro cities and rural parts of the country in its next phase of evolution. The brand eventually intends to venture into international markets after establishing its presence and dominance in the Indian market. What’s more Orsuq will very soon launch on Android and iOS applications for mobile access too.