JS Deepak, Secretary,Ministry of Telecommunications along with Shekhar Sanyal and Dr.Rishi Bhatnagar at the IoT India Congress, in Bangalore, September 7 2016
IoT Congress opens in Bangalore

Bangalore, September 7, 2016:The first edition of India's largest conclave on Internet of Things ,the IoT India Congress 2016, began today at The Lalit here.
The Congress brought  IoT practitioners (hardware – devices, portables, sensors, software, business) and IoT enablers (regulatory, training, investors in IoT, end users) to work together and create a platform that is industry efficient as well as robust.
The 3 day session  will focus  on retail, healthcare, manufacturing and smart cities, with  over 50 prominent speakers from across the industr.
Some of the speakers at the session include Sanjay Brahmawar,  Global Head,  Strategic Business Development, IBM Watson Internet of Things, T V Ramachandran, President, Broadband India Forum, Jim Morrish,  Founder and Chief Research Officer, Machina Research, Ravi Ramaswamy - Sr. Director & Head, Health Systems, Philips Innovation Campus, Kartik Gopal, Head, Strategy and Business Planning, Mahindra Reva, Dr Satish Prasad Rath, Chief Innovation Manager, Healthcare Research, Xerox Innovation Group, Srikanth Gopalakrishnan - VP, IoT Digital Enterprise Assets, SAP, V Namasivayam , Senior Director, Deloitte, ShekharSanyal , Country Head & Director, IET India and, Dr Rishi Bhatnagar - Chairman, IoT India Congress.
The congress will also host the  IoT Thought Leadership Awards,2016 and the IoT Start-Up Awards,2016 to identify and celebrate prolific leaders and businesses that are giving an impetus to the substantially thriving sector of the Internet of Things. 
Says Sanjay Brahmawar:  “India is the hotbed of innovation and IoT has moved beyond being a pure technological play to spearheading strategic transformations in the very business model. Every sector of society and business is touched and influenced by this new revolution, and India is playing a leading role in driving this global industry 4.0 phenomenon. The IoT India Congress is a rightful step in this direction and we, at IBM, are excited to see how this unfolds the new wave of disruption across borders. IBM is already teaming with several key clients, partners, developers and universities in India to drive cognitive innovation with IOT, and we look forward to continuing that momentum.
Adds Rishi Bhatnagar:  “India is at the brink of a revolution that changes the technology and productivity, thereby transforming society and the way businesses are done across sectors. IoT as a disruptive technology is leading the next wave of transformational change. We, at the IET IoT Panel understand the significance of tapping the phenomenon at its nib and nurturing it in the right direction to ensure maximum optimization of its productivity.It is an exciting time for all businesses."

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