Let's do IT in the open, says Dell

Dell has announced open, standards-based solutions that promise to let  Indian  customers integrate new technologies without sacrificing performance or and while protecting their legacy IT investments. The new solutions and flexible cash in on what the company calls the ‘Virtual Era’ of the technology to reduce data management costs by up to 50 percent.
The new slate unveiled on Tuesday  includes: Next-Gen Object Storage – a new Dell DX Object Storage Platform will use a self-managing peer-scaling architecture that enables customers to access, store and distribute billions of files or other digital content, from archiving all the way to the cloud.
Deduplication – Dell’s offerings include the Dell/EMC DD Series and the PowerVault DL2100. Dell offers deduplication consulting servicesthat can help customers leverage these technologies.
Unified Storage –Dell introduces Dell-EMC NS Series, an efficient platform for consolidating a wide array of environments and applications.
Data Archiving Consulting – Dell services reduce the cost and complexity associated with inefficient data management and help effectively align storage assets with business requirements. Typical apps are Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Picture Archiving Communications Systems (PACS), digital pathology and genomics.

Says Dell Country Manager Sameer Garde: “We are uniquely open and un-tethered to legacy assets and proprietary approaches to deliver against these needs. The CIO agenda isn’t about managing OPEX at the expense of CAPEX, or, innovation at the expense of open. It is about driving efficiency without compromise and reinvesting the savings towards innovation and returning shareholder value.”
"India is the fastest growing market for us. We have already started exporting from Chennai plant to West Asia” said Dell CEO Michael Dell during his visit to India last month. The company employs 23,000 in India
According to IDC, at nearly 500 exabytes – or 500 billion gigabytes – the “Digital Universe,” if converted to pages of text and assembled into books, would stretch to Pluto and back 10 times. IDC estimates that the Digital Universe will double every 18 months. Diptarup Chakraborti, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner says: "Tracking the solutions and services market in India and we feel that Dell’s approach to provide end-to-end solutions with an open approach allows customers a choice to decide what’s best for their needs. “ 

April 7 2010