Fuelling 'The Creative Life' with TCL

08th August 2016
Fuelling 'The Creative Life'  with TCL
Praveen Valech, Regional Director TCL India, unveiling the company's TV range

Bangalore, August 8 2016: TCL has stood for many things in the past  from Telephone Communication Ltd to True China Lion  but on its Second Coming to India,  has settled for The Creative Life -- exemplifying its  deep presence in  many consumer areas from phones and TVs to washing machines and air conditioners. 

It has chosen to launch its TV business  in India with  four  sets:  two full HD ( but un connected)  models in the D2900 series:    32 and 40 inch  at Rs 13,990 and Rs 20,990  and.    the TCL  P1  Smart TV series with  a  48 inch curved full HD TV for Rs 37,990 and  the better-resolution,  but smaller  UHD at  43 inches  for Rs 31,990.  The smart TV sets  have conveniently  put  their  more interesting functions into an app . 
There is no overlap between the India offerings of TCL and LeEco for a reason: They   work closely in China  and in fact TCL makes  some of   the sets   for Le Eco and in turn uses its content.   In this neck of the TV market too it seems, the upcoming  festival season will see  some  compelling deals for customers. 
An old Chinese benediction says : 'May you live in interesting times'.  It seems this year  that  they have substituted ' disruptive' for 'interesting'