The Olympics, on your mobile this time

03rd August 2016
The Olympics,  on your mobile this time

Cutting-edge online and mobile  tools  will bring the Games to you as never before -- but beware of  cyber baddies waiting to trap sports fans.
August 3, 2016: The 31st Summer Olympics  got underway yesterday ( August 5) and if you are a sports fan,  a rich feast of  multimedia viewing awaits you over the next fortnight, harnessing  never-before deployed technology like 360 degree views, Augmented  Reality  and Virtual Reality.  Round the clock TV coverage is nothing new. What is new , this time,  is the extent to which resources are available on Web and mobile phone. 
The  official  website is   and you can turn here for comprehensive coverage of the events. But it makes sense to download  the mobile app ( iOS, Android or WindowsPhone)   which can be found on the same site  so that you can  get news and live action feeds on the move.
If you are an avid fan, you can sport a new  theme picture on your  PC,   or laptop, featuring Vinicius, the  Olympic mascot for the 2016 games. Named after  Brazilian lyricist Vinicius de Moraes,  the design represents Brazilian wildlife, combining "the agility of cats, sway of monkeys and grace of birds".  You can find the desktop theme on the home page under " mascots"  -- and can even print out Olympics- themed coloring books or a cut-out Vinicius doll for your children.

Surprisingly, the  Rio2106 YouTube channel is not due to go live till the last day -- August 21. But  don't let that curb your enthusiasm.  YouTube this year can be expected to showcase  360-degree 3-D images  from other providers,   where you can use your mouse or finger to  zoom, around images in a manner that has never been possible before with a major sports event.  As we put together this report  we are not too sure if   the promised  Virtual Reality   and Augmented  Reality  extension to video coverage  which the world's major TV networks  like BBC and NBC  have promised for their Olympics coverage will be  accessible live,  in India.   But keep looking in YouTube -- some one will  offer it!