Zoho evolves from product suite to developer platform

From V. Sudhakshina
Chennai, July 30 2016: Cloud services provider Zoho   has launched an upgrade to its existing CRM solution:  a developer programme and market place.|
The Zoho Developers Programme is targeted towards the independent or third party developers, who can create custom built applications or extensions for ZOHO products using the company’s developer tools. Once built these developer solutions can be sold on Zoho Marketplace, for free or at prices set by themselves. The company claims that it’s not going to charge the developers any commission. ZOHO also unveiled its programming language Deluge to help the developers build custom apps. |
Said Rajendra Dandapani, Raconteur, Zoho:“Deluge is so simple that it can be picked up quickly. My sixteen year old son could code using deluge within two weeks.” According to him developers can save 80 per cent of their coding time using this language.  The company claims that they have 15,000 developers worldwide currently using Deluge and it also has plans to tie-up with certain colleges and introduce the language to the student community.
The upgraded Zoho  CRM comes with features like a time-line view, support for email, social media, live chat, and phone communications. Also, the company has introduced a specific solution for the salesperson called,  SalesInbox , a platform that merges CRM and email. “We felt that email and CRM didn’t talk very well. There was a disconnect. With Zoho SalesInbox we have effectively bought CRM into email,” added Dandapani.|
Using customer data in Zoho CRM, Zoho SalesInbox would automatically prioritizes customer conversations and ensure that salespeople never miss an important email.
“With Zoho Marketplace and Zoho Developer, Zoho evolves from a product suite into a platform,” said Mani Vembu, COO, Zoho Corp. “At nearly two million, India has the second highest number of software developers in the world. Zoho has now become the first Indian company to have created a platform for them where they can not only create solutions but also sell them to Zoho's vast global user base."