GoDaddy consolidates India presence with services in 3 vernacular languages

07th July 2016
GoDaddy consolidates India presence with services in 3 vernacular languages

Gurgaon, July 7, 2016 : The world’s largest Internet domain name provider – GoDaddy Inc.  has expanded its India business by announcing  in three languages Hindi, Marathi and Tamil to enable more small businesses (SMB) across India to build strong online presence.
GoDaddy is the first internet domain registrar and web hosting company in India to go local and offer products and customer service in regional Indian languages. Research from Target Group Index (TGI) suggests that as much as 61 percent of India’s prolific internet growth is now coming from its regional belts.
"In a country, where 22 languages are recognized and more than 1500 dialects spoken, local languages play a significant role. I am happy to learn that GoDaddy, a leader in the domains and hosting industry is taking the lead to launch its products and services in multiple Indian languages. This will go a long way in helping bring India's SME and their businesses online,” says Rajiv Bansal, CEO, NIXI, the national Internet exchange
“By localizing customer touchpoints, including our website, customer care,marketing and products, GoDaddy is focusing on being closer to its customers,” adds Rajiv Sodhi, Vice President and Managing Director, GoDaddy India and Australia.
India is the world’s second-largest internet market and is also home to the second-largest SMB base globally, with over 51 million business that form the very fabric of its economy. According to data from TGI, 73 percent of those SMBs are located in India’s tier two and three cities. That said, according to 2015 survey by RedShift Research and GoDaddy, around 63 percent of India’s small businesses don’t have their own website.