Suman Reddy Managing Director, Pega India at Pegaworld 2016 celebrations in Hyderabad
Pega Systems' India centres bring Vegas flavour to their satellite conference in India

Hyderabad, June 7 2016: Strategic business applications software leader, Pegasystems Inc.  held a satellite conference here yesterday, for its employees in Bangalore and Hyderabad,  coinciding with the global Pegaworld event in Las Vegas.  
They  witnessed the live screening of the opening keynotes to Pegaworld 2016 while donning Vegas themed attire and enjoying a Vegas style ambience. 
Said Suman Reddy, MD, Pegasystems India: “Pegaworld is a marquee event for us, and we are happy to create a platform for everyone to experience and be part of the larger Pega family, even if we can’t all be together in person. Events like this provide our employees insight into the game-changing and innovative work we do for our clients globally. As market leaders, it is pertinent to get a holistic view into how Pega is driving change and solving complex business challenges.”
This annual conference serves as a platform for Business and IT thought-leaders to discuss and showcase how they use Pega technology to solve complex business problems. Pega India’s employees experience live, the keynote address by Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO, Pegasystems, on digital transformation and leveraging technology to improve the customer experience.
Trefler elaborated on the need to use technology to treat customers as individuals rather than demographics through awareness and understanding, applying insight, acting responsibly, and learning and adapting. 
Pegasystems develops strategic applications for marketing, sales, service, and operations. Pega’s applications streamline critical business operations, connect enterprises to their customers seamlessly in real-time across channels, and adapt to meet rapidly changing requirements. Pega’s applications, available in the cloud or on-premises, are built on its unified Pega 7 platform, which uses visual tools to easily extend and change applications to meet clients’ strategic business needs.