Let Yahoo auto compose your love letters....
Lazy lovers can leave their lover letter writing to Yahoo!

Bangalore, February 13 2016: Lost for  those lovey dovey words? Fear not!  Yahoo Mail  will compose your Valentine's Day letters for you.
Starting today, Yahoo is bringing back one of their most adored features in Yahoo Mail: auto-compose love letters for Valentine’s Day. On the one day a year when you’re expected to wax poetic about the ones you love – let’s face it – sometimes you can be at a loss for words, and using an emoji just isn’t enough.

Users can simply click on the beating heart  next to the Compose button and choose from three different kinds of notes: Crazy Love, Friendly Love and Out of Love. With over 100 million different messages, we’re sure you will find the One. Just click on the refresh button to auto-compose a new message to choose from.
These aren’t just your average “I love you’s” – each love note features stationery and an animated Valentine’s Day GIF. If you want to personalize your message, it’s easy to edit the text or swap out the Stationery and GIF to better match your love style.
Send a love note today in Yahoo Mail, available globally on the desktop in English.

Yahoo  has also curated GIF categories in Yahoo Messenger for Valentine’s Day (in addition to a variety of other categories like LOL, Cheers, Cute, Fail and more). They’ve hand selected the best GIFs on Tumblr – making them even easier to discover, select and send. Express your love with just a couple taps.
Check out our new GIF categories today on iOS, Android and on the web.