Cliched buzzwords you should avoid...

23rd January 2016
Cliched buzzwords you should avoid...

Mumbai, January 23, 2016: What are the most overused words favoured by professionals? For the fifth year in a row, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, announced the top 10 most overused buzzwords. To help Indian professionals sharpen their profiles, LinkedIn analyzed profile summaries of members across India and released a list of words which should be avoided to make their profiles stand out.

‘Organization’, ‘passionate’ and ‘dynamic’ have topped the buzzwords chart from 2015 in India. ‘Organization’ is a new addition to the buzzwords list in India and has ranked the highest in occurrence across profiles of students, sales, and HR professionals. While, ‘passionate’ ruled 2014 it has dropped by a notch this year. It was also interesting to see that words such as ‘leadership,’ ‘motivated,’ and ‘creative’  ranked much lower in the top 10 list for India, while they emerged in the top three globally.

The top ten buzzwords from 2015 are:

·        organization
·        passionate
·        dynamic
·        leadership
·        responsible
·        creative
·        motivated
·        innovative
·        strategic

·        extensive experience

Says Deepa Sapatnekar, Head of Communications, LinkedIn India & Hong Kong:“In real-life situations, we can’t imagine using words such as ‘strategic’, ‘driven’ or as having ‘extensive experience’ to describe ourselves, so why use them in our LinkedIn profiles? We’re encouraging our members steer away from these overused clichés. For example, showcase how you were strategic instead of using the buzzword. Another way you can turn a spotlight on your profile is by adding pictures, presentations and anecdotes.”