After a decade in India, tech consultants RLE announce vigorous growth plans

28th November 2015
After a decade in India, tech consultants RLE announce vigorous growth plans
RLE execs from left, Robert P Rupa, Vijay Machigad and Darren Gowland

Bangalore, November 28, 2015: Leading global  development, technology and consultation service providers, RLE  International,  have announced their business expansion plans for India.
Here since 2005, RLE India is   celebrating  10 years of business  in India with key Automotive Manufacturers and the Automotive Supplier Industry. RLE India is the only pure-play Automotive Engineering player in India offering end-to-end services in Body in White services (BIW), Interior, Exterior, System Integration, Powertrain & Chassis, Computer Aided Engineering and Data Migration. The company currently has offices in Bangalore and Chennai and is investing heavily on setting up Centers of Excellence (CoE) in core areas of automotive engineering.
The company’s current revenue in India stands at 5 Million Euros and is expecting to reach 20 Million Euros by 2020. The company is also looking to scale up its employee strength in India from 250 to 1000 by 2020.
The Group has appointed Vijay Machigad as the new Managing Director, RLE India Pvt. Ltd.
Says Robert P. Rupa, Managing Director & COO, RLE International: “When we initially launched in India, the aim was merely to be an offshore delivery Centre catering to some of our global customers. But over the years this market has proven itself to be much more promising and it is one of the high-performing markets today catering to crème customers with quality services. For our global customers we develop and manage commodities and total vehicle projects from design to production and are heading to become one of the markets leaders in India within the next five to eight years."
Adds  Darren Gowland, Group Vice President International Operations:“We aim for RLE India to become a leading player in 2-3 niche segments in India, to become one of the top 3 players in transportation segment and to broaden its footprint into Indian market, adding more Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 customers in transportation segment. Going by the global standards, we have already added new service lines like Automotive Electronics, Body in White (BIW) and design using lightweight material to support the new needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers and our goal is to grow further in India
RLE is planning to make significant investments on skill development and to set up several Centers of Excellence in the next five years in India which would support the RLE Group’s overall business across the geographies. RLE India is creating two focused growth engines in India - Product Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering and is also planning to invest 10% of its revenues annually towards expansion of its business portfolio. The company’s focus in India currently lies in building innovative solutions in Lean Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Automotive Electronics, Light Weight Materials and Vehicle Safety. RLE India has developed the “Managed Staffing Solution” to support customer’s in-house engineering requirements, ensuring  lowest Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) to the clients.