Sneaky! Microsoft slashes free One Drive cloud store to a third

13th November 2015
Sneaky! Microsoft slashes free One Drive cloud store to a third

November 13 2015:   Microsoft has slashed the free cloud storage it offered  its email users  at OneDrive  to a third  from15  GB to 5 GB  and  has also reduced the  storage it gave with  paid subscriptions to Office 365 from unlimited to 1 TB.
It has implemented these changes  because  a small number of   Office 365   consumers apparently took the 'unlimited' offer a little too literally and used up 75 TB or more. 
Microsoft has  chosen to punish all users of One Drive including  millions of users  who were encouraged to sign up for Microsoft Live services like  Outlook or Hotmail by the offer of 15 GB free storage plus another 15 GB for camera uploads.  
And they have  made the change  through a post on the One Drive blog that only a tiny fraction  of users see.  What's more the   curtailment of service is  cloaked in  classic PR-language:   "OneDrive storage plans change in pursuit of productivity and collaboration.
User reactions that can be seen below the post are angry or sad:

-  Why punish everyday subscribers for those that are abusing your system with possibly illegal content.

-  Taking away storage from what was promised after users have already utilized that storage is borderline criminal in my mind.

-  Goobye onedrive!!!hello gdrive!!!'
Google  offers 30 GB across Gmail and Google Drive or 15 GB in each.  Yahoo recently offered 1TB of free storage to its email subscribers.

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