Aricent's President and COO Sanjay Dhawan in Bangalore last week(IndiaTechOnline photo). Inset :Telecom veteran Arun Sarin who has joined Aricent's board
Let us turn your great idea into a product that sells: Aricent

Launches innovation solution; takes telecom veteran Arun Sarin on board.
You may have a great piece of innovation up your sleeve. It will remain hidden there—unless you bridge the gap between concept and commercialization. Global communications innovation, technology and services company Aricent, has launched a new initiative which promises to help corporates do just that.
It’s called Experience Engineering, the industry’s first integrated strategy, innovation, product development and systems integration engagement model. It aims to help fixed and mobile network operators to smoothly transform their concepts to products and then to commercialize them as their own unique subscriber experiences. It is a 4-D process: Discover / Design / Develop / Deliver, that subjects the innovator’s vision to a pragmatic filtering process, explains Aricent’s President and Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Dhawan.
And helping deliver this new ‘agni asthra’ or secret weapon are the company’s three development centres in India, which together make up its largest R&D team. “It’s very clear today that network operators globally must design and build branded, cross-platform subscriber experiences that transcend the device,” Dhawan says.
In recent years Aricent’s ‘magic bullet’ for morphing great ideas into great products has fuelled HP’s TouchSmart IQ 500, iPhone’s postcard application, Intel’s Digital Signage initiative and Qualcomm’s Flo TV.
Sarin on board.
Aricent, has just been joined by telecom veteran Arun Sarin as a director on its board. Sarin is currently a Senior Advisor at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. ( who are investors in Aricent) and prior to that served as Chief Executive Officer of mobile telecommunications leader Vodafone, leading its entry into India in 2007. "The one common thread today in telecom is meeting consumers ever growing expectations for innovative products and services,” said Arun Sarin, “Innovation and technology are so tightly coupled today that operators’ cannot look at them separately. Aricent is the first company with a complete solution to this difficult set of challenges, and the future looks very exciting. I’m thrilled to be joining the Aricent team."
Sarin is also on the Board of Directors at Cisco Systems, Charles Schwab, and Safeway.   Feb 5 2010