Meet the Zunkies- Anubhav Adlakha(left) and Mohit Bansall, founders
A phone in every Indian hand ( even if second hand)!

Gurgaon, Haryana, October 27 2015:, a website for verified buying and selling of second hand mobile phones provids assured buying and  warranted selling, ensuring every Indian has a smart phone in the hand -- albeit a used one. It is the brainchild of former college friends Mohit Bansal and Anubhav Adlakha  -- and points yet again to the  ubique contours of the handset business in India.
With the help of Gozunk, users can buy second hand or refurbished, good-as-new mobile phones at less than half the prices. They not only have the flexibility of price but also get warranty from the company.
Taking a step ahead from the regular C2C companies where the user has to wait for a buyer and vice versa, GoZunk is the direct buyer and seller for second hand mobiles. So the customer doesn’t have to wait to sell his mobile, he has an assured buyer in the website itself. Similarly, the buyer doesn’t have to wait for the listing of a second hand mobile phone in the market; the website has hundreds of second hand mobiles with warranty listed already.
Says Mohit Bansal, Founder and IIM-A Alumnus:  "ndia currently ranks second in the world in terms of mobile phones bought and sold yearly. We are a big country with huge income disparity and few options for those in remote locations. We at GoZunk will provide those with limited purchasing power an opportunity to get value for their money. People can purchase a second hand iPhone 5 for the same price as a new Asus Zenphone, so why wouldn’t anyone go for the superior model. The maths is simple! We are making your money go a longer way by ensuring second hand doesn’t mean Junk or Discarded. Instead it means pre-loved, tested, refurbished and ready for use by someone else.”
Adds Anubhav Adlakha, ex Investment Banker and Co-Founder of Gozunk: “The Second hand electronics market is already a billion dollar opportunity. Gozunk aims to be the leading player in this space within the necxt few years. We will be at the forefront of launching innovative products and schemes to attract customers in Metros as well as Tier 2&3 towns. Our aim is to provide a smart phone in the hands of each Indian.”