Verismo Networks' Chief Architect Satish Mugulavalli holds the award winning VuNow Internet TV platform tool ( IndiaTechOnline photo)
Indian ingenuity displayed at ISA's Technovation showcase

An innovative convergence platform that helps TV owners, seamlessly switch from television to Internet on the same screen….. An eco-friendly mosquito trap that mimics the human body…an automatic vehicle licence plate recognizer….a 32 channel silicon strip detector that is being used by the European Organization for Nuclear Research ( CERN) in hundreds of thousands, top detect sub atomic particles… these were some of the novel products of Indian ingenuity that the Indian Semiconductor Association has recognized with its Technovation Awards 2010 during its Vision Summit that ended in Bangalore earlier this week. Other awardees honoured included an affordable USB-based 3-lead ECG monitor – claimed to be a world first – an AI-based intuitive phonetic transliteration tool for Indian languages; an add on that allows power tillers to be driven robotically; a mobile platform for branchless banking and solar powered LED light sources.

“Technovation Awards recognizes innovation and achievement in the dynamic and evolving Indian electronics industry. This year’s Technovation Awards provided a platform for the nominees and applicants to demo their innovative products and solutions at the Vision Summit”, said Anil Gupta, ISA Executive Council Member & ISA Technovation Awards 2010 Convener.

IndiaTechOnline will feature the most innovative products( including some that might not have won prizes but were noteworthy in our estimation!) as soon as the details we requested reach us. Meanwhile here is ISA’s full list of Products and processes awarded.

The Technovation Awards this year (2010) had the following categories:

• Best Electronic Product (Healthcare, Energy Efficiency, Consumer, Telecom, Security, and Other) - Focuses on products that are substantially created in India. It thus recognizes the innovative spirit within both Indian and non-Indian organizations with presence in India.

• Startup to watch - Encourages the entrepreneurial spirit within the electronics industry in India, where engineers are taking bold steps to create a new business based on a new solution or a new product.

• TechnoMentor - Encourages "mentoring" and "sharing" of knowledge. It is only through open sharing of knowledge that the overall knowledge pool and the depth of knowledge will increase, leading to better solutions

• TechnoVisionary - Recognizes the contributions of an individual to the Electronics & Semiconductor domain and through that channel, the contributions to the country

ISA TechnoMentor Award 2010 (Academia) : Dr. Shanti Pavan - Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
ISA TechnoMentor Award 2010 (Industry) : Dr. Sreeram Vasanthi - Websol Energy System Ltd
ISA UKTI TechnoVisionary Award 2010 : Dr. Kumar N Sivarajan, Co-founder & CTO, Tejas Networks
ISA Start-up to Watch (Winner) : Saankhya Labs.
ISA Start-up to Watch (Honourable Mention) : Cosmic Circuits

Product winners
ISA Best Electronics Product – Consumer (Winner) : VuNow - Internet TV Platform, Verismo Networks (P) Ltd
ISA Best Electronics Product – Consumer (Honourable Mention) : Quillpad, Tachyon Technologies
ISA Best Electronics Product – Energy (Winner) : Solid Multilight (Solar LED Lantern), Gautam Polymers
ISA Best Electronics Product – Energy (Honourable Mention) : Solar powered "Egg lamp", Kotak URJA (P) Ltd
ISA Best Electronics Product – Health care (Winner) : "Mozzquit" Mosquito Trap , Leowin Solutions (P) Ltd
ISA Best Electronics Product – Health care (Honourable Mention) : USB Power 3 lead ECG Monitor, Infotech Enterprises Ltd
ISA Best Electronics Product – Security (Honourable Mention) : Automatic License Plate Recognition System, Kritikal Solutions (P) Ltd
ISA Best Electronics Product – Telecom (Winner) : ELAN, Tejas Networks Ltd.
ISA Best Electronics Product – Other (Winner) : Pre Shower - 32 Channel Silicon Strip detector for CERN, Geneva; Bharat Electronics Ltd
ISA Best Electronics Product – Other (Winner) : Remote controlled system for power tillers, Mangalore Robotronics Technologies
ISA Best Electronics Product – Other (Honourable Mention) : iMFAST - Integra’s Mobile Financial Application Secure Terminal; Integra Micro Systems (P) Ltd 

- Feb 3 2010