WD acquires SanDisk

IndiaTechOnline analysis
( updated  Oct.22):As widely expected,  the acquisition of  SanDisk by WD has  been confirmed.  US media suggests, SanDisk co-founder and India-born  President-CEO ( since 2011)  Sanjay Mehrotra might join the WD board.

Bangalore, October 21 2015: Led by  Bloomberg, US  tech and finacial is swirling with remours of the imminent acquisition of Flash memory maker SanDisk  by  storage device company Western Digital.  Both companies have a respectable if not spectacular business in India.
SanDisk is one of the  world's top  manufacturers of flash memory devices, mostly used for data storage in mobile devices by way of micro SD cards and in cameras  as SDHC memory cards.
Western digital makes  storage devices -- mostly  of the magnetic hard drive kind  for  internal and external use with PCs.    
With  Flash memory  slowly catching up with magnetic storage  when it comes to  gigabytes  for the dollar,  and eating into the enterprise storage market,  pure play magnetic storage makers   may not sustain for long -- which is why a company with a similar portfolio to WD -- Seagate has already diversified to embrace  Flash as well.  The acquisition of SanDisk will accomplish a similar synergy for WD.
Both companies have a respectable market in India. SanDisk competes with the likes for Transcend,  Kingston, Toshiba in Flash  devices -- both SD card and USB-based.  WD competes with Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi etc in    internal and external hard drives.