Intel working to untether PC; make it boot faster

A PC that gets its power wirelessly; one that augments reality with live location-based inputs – and yes, doesn’t take an eternity to boot up: That is the tantalizing peep into the future that Intel Fellow and Chief Platform Architect Ajay Bhatt offered on his visit to Bangalore last week.
The man who launched bit-mapped graphics, even before the PC was born; co-invented the Universal Serial Bus; and architected Intel’s PCI Express interconnection specification feels the day is not far off when technology can ‘ cut the last cord’ of the PC – the power cord that is. Wireless power delivery using resonant energy links is the way things will move.
With 3-D being fashioned out of 2-D imagery, PCs with embedded GPS will soon augment reality with live info from where ever you happen to be, annotating personalized information and objects into live video streams. Intel previewed this at the recent Computer Electronics Show (CES)  and Bhatt expects this to be in the hands of consumer very soon.
Another technology that Intel has unveiled recently is WiDi or Wireless Display technology embedding software technology into WiFi chips, so that one can send everything on one’s laptop to an HDTV, wirelessly. Bhatt revealed during an interaction with Bangalore-based technology journalists, that this was being developed by Intel’s Bangalore based teams.  Technology watchers are calling this a ' sleeper' technology from Intel.

In answer to IndiaTechOnline’s question, why booting and shutting down PCs still took so long, Bhatt held out the hope that booting time at least, was being brought down to something like 2 seconds in internal tests – but the technology was some years away from reaching consumers. --Anand Parthasarathy, Bangalore January 31 2010

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