This map shows the first 100 stations in India that will have high-speed Wi-Fi by the end of 2016
Google to help create WiFi hotspots in Indian railway stations

San Jose, September 28 2015:  There was quick response to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, clarion call over the weekend  to US Infotech giants to join in the creation of Digital Indial.
India-born  CEO, Sundar Pichai-led Google  has undertaken to help WiFi-equip the  hundred   busiest stations on India's rail network  by end 2016 -- and ultimately  some  400 stations.

Google's Access & Energy team  will work with Indian Railways, which operates one of the world's largest railway networks, and RailTel, which provides Internet services as RailWire via its extensive fiber network along many of these railway lines.  The first stations will go  online in the coming months.
In a special blog posting on Google, Pichai recalls his own long rail journeys from his home town Chennai in South India to the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in the north
"Even with just the first 100 stations online, this project will make Wi-Fi available for the more than 10 million people who pass through every day. This will rank it as the largest public Wi-Fi project in India, and among the largest in the world, by number of potential users", he writes.
Pichai also recalls other Google initiatives in India --  like its efforts to make search available in Indian  languages.   Inb remarks after  Mr Modi's speech in San Jose, yesterday, Pichai  promised that users  could search Google using Indic scripts  not just in the 14 languages.
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