Enterprises embrace All Flash Arrays: IDC-EMC study

New Delhi, September 27, 2015: Research by IDC shared by  EMC  suggests  that the tipping point for all-Flash arrays    has come -- and such drives  are driving business transformation in the Digital Age -- especially in India.
The survey,  takes a closer look at the priorities impacting Asia-Pacific and Japan businesses and the role of technology in supporting this.  Reducing time to market for new products and services and reduction in enterprise hardware budget emerged as top priorities in APAC.  In addition, the top two business drivers for flash were faster time to market (agility) and new channels of delivery and engagement such as eCommerce/ mCommerce. 
The respondents were from a select group of 6 countries - Australia, India, Japan, Korea, China and Singapore. Against the backdrop of an increasingly complex business landscape, the study identified that top reasons business leaders initiate digital transformation of business processes and business models are to:
-   Quickly bring to market new products and services (74.9 percent);
-   Build deeper understanding of customers’ buying preferences (74.6 percent); and,
-   Improve the quality and response time of post-sales services (61.5 percent).
Organizations surveyed by IDC in India emerged as strong early adopters of all-flash array (AFA) storage systems, with 21.3% of the organizations having the systems in production. 
|The top drivers for adopting AFA were cited as:
-   Reducing storage capex spend (69 percent)
-   Reducing product development cycles/ quick-to-market (68 percent)
-   Supporting larger numbers of customers, partners and suppliers (63 percent).

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