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Lenovo's Yoga 3 and Yoga 5 convertible laptops ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)
Lenovo does the Yoga stretch, launches two more models

From Vishnu Anand
Bangalore, June 10 2015 : Yoga has been the talking point in this country since the last week for other reasons  and seems like PC maker Lenovo is riding the wave! 
The company announced the India launch of its new offerings in the Yoga convertible laptops simultaneously in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. The two new models – 300 and 500 – take the Yoga series of premium tablet/laptop/touch device, to both ends of the price band.
The Yoga 300, which Lenovo hopes will see adopted bystudents, is priced slightly upwards of Rs. 30,000 and comes with a 11.6 inches HD display, Intel Baytrail processor, and Yoga’s trademark flexible modes that can make the device sit as a tent, detachable as a tablet, attachable as a laptop, among others. The device, compared to its older brothers in the Yoga range, is not pencil thin, but thin enough to justify its price point.
The Yoga  500, on the other hand, is touted as the next big thing for gaming enthusiasts. With a 14 inches wide-view display, Intel’s 5th generation i7 Core, with Nvidia GeForce 940 M chipset, this device is one of the few non-bulky gaming machines in the market today, and is priced around Rs. 57,000.
Both the 300 and the 500 come preloaded with Microsoft Office 365 and can run in a multi-mode as a Windows tablet.
Lenovo has been a leader in the desktop and laptop for a number of years. Recently, the company has embarked into the smart phone space as well. Speaking to IndiaTechOnline on possible migration of Lenovo’s own customers from smart phones to tablets, Ashok Nair, National Sales Director, Lenovo said, “For us, its immersive computing that matter. While tier 2 and 3 cities might see higher smart phone sales, customers in the bigger cities are buying our convertible products. Also, with the trend of BYOD catching up, we might actually see customers procuring our convertible devices for both work and play. Others will continue using our laptops and smart phones. The choice ultimately lies with the customer.”


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Lenovo does the Yoga stretch, launches two more models
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