Search engine pioneer Lycos, morphs into an Indian-owned digital media products company

Hyderabad, June 9 2015:  Yesterday was an interesting if not historic  footnote with an India connection,  in the long saga of the Internet. Lycos, one of the pioneering search engines  in the mid 1990s,celebrates its 2 decades  by morphing into a digital  media solutions provider. 
Under new ownership since 2010 -- the Hyderabad-based Ybrant Digital acquired the US firm   for  $ 36 million -- Lycos   has just launched a collection of fitness and messaging wearables called Lycos Line.
Initially delivered in the form of a smart wristband ($124.99) and ring ($59.99), LYCOS Life products allow users to live secure, communicative, healthy and efficient lives. LYCOS gives meaning to living within the Internet, rather than around it.
It is like  having your own personal “Mission Control” right on your wrist.  LYCOS Life has the capability to intelligently sense individuals’ everyday patterns and transfer this information securely and wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth and its Tap to Transfer (T2T) communication protocol. Their wearable devices will also allow users to automatically monitor their activity, sleep, heart rate, incoming calls, and important notifications from their phone completely hands-free.Soon, LYCOS Life will be able to uniquely identify its wearer by using its onboard sensors to recognize its user simply by the way they move.
“The most valuable commodity in life is time and this technology helps LYCOS Life users maximize their time by making smarter and more informed decisions using the data they receive from LYCOS Life,” says Brad Cohen, president & chief strategy officer of LYCOS.
 "We have been living and learning the Internet for the past 20 years, now the Internet is starting to learn us,” adds  Suresh Reddy, Chairman and CEO of LYCOS. “Originally, what LYCOS set out to solve was simplifying and making searching on the Internet more productive.  As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary this year, LYCOS is solving a new problem by simplifying your digital life.”
 Reddy says LYCOS has developed software that can learn who you are, what you prefer, and what you do based on your own patterns and behaviors.  “All of this is done securely by allowing you to control your own personal data and never sharing this information.”  
“NO Passwords” via Personal Security Manager
 LYCOS Life securely and seamlessly logs in to your favorite apps and websites on your phone, easily unlocking them without the use of passwords. The security manager eliminates the need to remember your jumble of passwords scribbled down on sticky notes across your desk. With LYCOS Life, access to your phone is just a tap away.
 Collaboration between LYCOS Life devices is enabled by Tap2Transfer (T2T) communication. With a simple tap from their LYCOS Life device to a phone, users can securely give a new friend their number, clients a business card, or instantly share an address to launch directions to a restaurant.
 The LYCOS Life activity tracker allows users to easily monitor steps, calories burned, speed and heart rate. LYCOS Life helps users meet goals and its reminders motivate them to get up and get moving. The LYCOS Life heart rate monitor and live EKG/ECG readout help wearers improve their workouts and allows them to view their heart activity instantaneously.