Shifting jumbo files: Your email client can do it!

24th May 2015
Shifting jumbo files: Your email client can do it!
Sending large files through the cloud -- and Web email. (image bottom left: courtesy Herando County US)

Now you can share  large files or videos,   with your email or instant messenger

Bangalore, May 25 2015: So  many phones  and digicams  these days,   shoot in multi-megapixels and  record in  full HD. MicroSD cards  are great for storing  photos and videos locally. But  how do you share these jumbo images and movies with friends?  Most popular Web-based email services  place a limit  like 25MB on the size of the attachment, whereas an average 2 minute  movie of  best  YouTube quality can take 100 MB or more.
Till recently, we used to make use of  third party services like HighTail ( formerly YouSendIt), WeTransfer, Box etc -- but this has its hassles: You open an account with the file transfer service. You upload your file, then send the link to  your friends. They  open the links and download the file -- and they have to do it fast because most such links are available  for just 2-7 days.

Thankfully at least 3 of the l most popular email services -- Gmail, YahooMail and Microsoft's Outlook Live/Hotmail -- have  heard the user's woes and responded: by  offering their own  cloud storage   options to serve as a  hub through which large files can be routed along with emails.|
Gmail users  can by default activate  their  own cloud store, Google Drive  which effectively gives them an addition 15 GB of storage.  They can now attach  files larger than 25 MB to their mail --  limited  in size only by the total Google Drive storage they have remaining.  There is a 50MB file size limit on presentations and documents uploaded to Drive and converted to Docs and Slides, and a 100MB limit on spreadsheets converted to Sheets.
Similarly,  Microsoft's email users can   seamlessly access  free 15 GB of space on OneDrive  and use it to send large files through their Outlook or Hotmail accounts.  One Drive has a limit of 10 GB per file uploaded. By simply right-clicking the item or items you’d like to share, you’ll see a ‘Share a OneDrive link’ option that will create a sharing link which  you can paste it directly into an email, IM, or other message.
Not having its own cloud store, Yahoo has tied up with Dropbox so that its mail users can  exchange  large files in similar fashion.  I have just  used  all three email services to send and received a 150 MB  quicktime movie file with no problems.  I have used a Gmail account to send and read the file in Yahoo or Hotmail and vice versa. --Anand Parthasarathy
For  mobile messengers too, Big File Tranasfer is happening. See our story about Hike Messengert