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Jumbo hotel search engine from India

January 23, '09; BANGALORE: Six months ago, they were India's most comprehensive hotel search engine. Now the Gurgaon (near Delhi) based iXiGO lay claim to offering the world's biggest searchable data base of hotels -- 220,000 establishments from budget to de luxe spread across 202 countries, We tried the new feature ( ) to see if we could find affordable hotel rooms in Singapore in June during the week of the CommunicAsia trade fairs -- always a difficult time. The search engine offered us over 20 possibilities -- conveniently converting tariffs to rupees. We found at least 4 at around Rs 4000 a night. We know Singapore well -- and some of the hotels were familiar , but quite a few were a revelation. iXiGO claims its search will throw up over 850 hotels in London, 20 at around Rs 1000 per night -- so budget travellers needing to travel to the world's pricier destinations will find value at iXiGO. We didn't check out the high end option but there seems to be a good selection: you can trim your search to your purse. iXiGO was created by a young group of IIT and Indian MBA grads. Great going guys!