Arvind.R.Vohra, Country CEO & MD, Gionee India with William Lu, President of Gionee unveiling the Gionee Elife S7 in Delhi, April 4 2015
Gionee launches U-shape smart phone, announces India plans

Enhanced battery life, cooling and innovative design
From  Vishnu Anand, 
Hyderabad  April  5 2015: Mobile device provider Gionee has launched its flagship product in the Elife range of lifestyle smart phone for India.
The Elife S7 features a unique frame designed that is inspired by railway tracks – two parallel metal lines that house the side buttons, in a glossy shell. The idea is to make the phone one-hand-use friendly. The device is also the world’s first dual-SIM dual 4G, all band compliant phone in the market. 
Speaking to IndiaTechOnline, Arvind.R.Vohra, Country CEO & MD, Gionee India said, “We received feedback from our Indian users that they needed a blend of style and performance. The previous versions of the Elife were no doubt stylish, but we needed to make our flagship device a powerhouse of performance as well.” The Elife S7 comes with a 2700 mAh battery, optimized for uniform cooling and can perform for upto 33 hours in an ‘extreme mode’ – black and white screen with basic functionality – with just 10% battery remaining.
The phone will be available soon in India at Rs. 24,999.
Gionee also announced its plan to begin India manufacturing in 2015.
William Lu Weibing, President of Gionee said, “There is intense traction in the Indian market and this is leading us to begin device manufacturing in India. In the months to come, India will manufacture phones for the local market, as well as for other geographies such as Africa.”
Gionee hosted a success party in Hyderabad for its 550% growth in the last year bringing together bloggers, partners and associates.
For a few days  on our home page we have a short video on the Elife S7 soon after its unveiling at Mobile World Congress Barcelona,  this year.