Goa startup helps Bluetooth-enable any legacy audio speaker system

Goa, India, March 7 2015: A  startup based in Goa  is poised to crack a problem that is arguably on the wishlist of so many owners of legacy audio equipment:  how to untether wired  speakers and music systems and  connect them wirelessly to  music sources. 
The product is called Plugzee.  It  is a tiny device that allows you to convert your ordinary speakers into Bluetooth ones, without compromising on its audio quality. It interfaces seamlessly with your  Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  
Set up is simple: Plugzee can be hooked up with any speaker that has a 3.5mm audio jack, from a Boombox or Home Theatre System. No more constant plugging of your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop into an AUX cable.  It claims  a range of  10 metres  and pairs with up to 8 devices.
Plugzee has been under development since November 2014 by a young team of Goans, headed by  Nagarjun Kinare who is the hardware and graphics expert. Other members include Valindo Godinho who looks after software, Aaron Colaco ( Web development) and Krishna Devate ( photography). They have so far raised $ 7000 of their $ 10,000 target at   crowdsourcing site Indiegogo.
"The best part, is that we use lossless compression  with the aptx codec so you get CD quality sound over Bluetooth. Crystal clear audio ensures that you can hear every note and never have to worry about audio quality", says Nagarjun, "Plugzee uses a power efficient Bluetooth 4.0 LE module that lets you seamlessly pair any generation Bluetooth device with the press of a button"
Plugzee comes with a Lithium-ion battery that lets you stream music for up to 18 hours on a single charge with a standy-by time of 30 days. The device also comes with an over-current protection circuit which lets you use a charger with any amperage.
"We think we have a device that will blow your socks off",  say Team Plugzee -- any day now they will be  producing the first batch of devices, through a tie-up with a China based   manufacturer  and shipping to their supporters at Indiegogo. 
Way to go guys!
See the PlugZee video for a few days at our TechVideo site on the home page