Crime report is just a camera-phone click away

 Mobile Crime and Accident Reporting Platform deployed.
The reporting of crime is so often hamstrung by lack of adequate tools in the hands of the constable on the beat. He or she has no mechanism to send visual information back to control room other than a portable radio set.
In an interesting solution being put into practice for almost a year in Kochi, a high megapixel camera phone is supplied to all 17 Police Control Room Vehicles ( PCR ) allows a COP ( Constable On Patrol) to immediately take a photo and send it via MMS to the Control Room. An intelligent system automatically tallies the total number of Traffic Accidents, Traffic Violations, Drunken Driving and miscellaneous incidents in the city. This is sent every day morning as SMS to commissioner, IG, DGP and Home Minister.
The advantages are:

• No Digitization Required as Data is already in Digital Format

• Data is Intelligent as Data and Time of Incident is automatically tagged in Image

• No manual input to have Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

• Digital Archive helps police in further investigation and becomes tamper proof evidence

Over 12,000 incidents have been reported using this system since inception. The solution was developed for the Kochi Police by MobME Wireless Solutions (P) Ltd, a Kerala based mobile product developer, who has been honoured by NASSCOM as one of India’s 100 top innovators.

This story is extracted from the publication:e-Governance: How  Kerala Does IT, released by Kerala IT Mission on Dec 8 on the sidelines of the state e-governance awards function