Cisco's Indian engineers craft 3 key networking products

Bangalore, December 10 , 2014: India-based engineers of global networking solutions leader, Cisco,   have conceptualised, architected and designed three key products in the company's portfolio.   
Spanning the areas of mobility, cloud and computing technologies, the networking products demonstrate the company's ability to create products and solutions for the next generation of communications technologies:
ASR 920-O: This next generation Aggregation Services Router (ASR) is a full-featured converged access platform for the cost-effective delivery of wireline and wireless services and is optimized for mobile backhaul, residential and business service applications. Conceptualised and architected in India, and designed for the Indian environment, the ASR 920-O is a temperature hardened, high-throughput, small form factor and low-power-consumption router.

 ISR 800M: As India becomes more connected, routers will play an increasingly integral role by providing secure connectivity to everything from retail stores and bank branches to manufacturing plants and small offices in a highly secure environment. Conceptualised and architected in India, and designed for Indian environment, the Cisco 800M Integrated Services Router (ISR) is cost effective, is easy to deploy and simplifies large-scale wireless wide-area networks (WAN) deployments.
MDS 9250i: The Multilayer Director Switch (MDS) 9250i is Cisco's next generation Storage Area Networking (SAN) services switch that was conceptualized, architected and designed in India. According to the EMC Digital Universe Study with research and analysis by IDC, April 2014, data produced worldwide will grow 10 times by 2020, from 4.4ZB today to 44ZB; 32 billion Internet of Things devices will be connected to the Internet; 40 percent of data will be touched by cloud; and enterprises will have liability and responsibility for 85 percent of all data.
The Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2013 – 2018,  finds that there will be 526 million total Internet users and 1.5 billion networked devices in India by 2018. Video will be 62% of India's mobile data traffic, and the gigabyte equivalent of all movies ever made will cross India's IP networks every 2 hours by 2018. The three products, from the Cisco India Development Centre, have the ability to  power the vision of a digitized India,  says Amit Phadnis, President, Engineering and India Site Leader, adding: " We are thrilled that the three products we announced today are made from India, made for India and will help enable a Digital India.”