New @ Bangalore IT.Biz #2: This PC hides CPU under the keypad

New products displayed at Bangalore’s annual IT show last week

From CyberNet, Bangalore, ( ), comes a new PC form factor for the space challenged. We have seen PCs where the entire CPU board and other electronics fits behind the Monitor. Indeed, Cybernet has models where the Intel Core 2 duo motherboard as well as a 500 GB hard drive and a DVD drive, are fitted snuggly behind a 17 inch or 19 inch LCD display.

But we were even more impressed with the product where Cybernet has managed to fit it inside the keyboard. The ZPC-9100 all in one is based on a 4 GHz Pentium and comes with 2 GB memory and 500 GB of hard drive with an optical drive and 3-D sound speakers. The key board is slightly larger than normal, but interestingly also comes with a large mouse pad-- the kind opne finds in laptops. There is a more recent, lighter, version, the ZPC-945SL, with an even slimmer keyboard at 1.5 inches and the Intelk 945 chipset. Other specs are similar to the 9100. Prices range from Rs 22,000 to Rs 29,000, with another Rs 5000 or so for an LCD monitor.