Say hello to the new paradigm of End User Computing: VMWare

02nd November 2014
Say hello to  the new paradigm of End User Computing: VMWare

From Vishnu Anand
Mumbai, November 2 2014:

At VMware’s vForum event at Mumbai last week, the virtualization and cloud storage specialist predicted that the next big thing in cloud technologies is ‘end user computing’.
Simply put, this  is a buzzword used by enterprises to describe a seamless bridge between your device and your company’s data centre.  This has become imperative because many enterprises worldwide encourage the trend called BYOD or bring your own device  -- allowing employees to bring the computing device of their choice – be it a laptop, an iPad, even a smartphone – and seamlessly perform their official duties.
According to Sanjay Mirchandani, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific and Japan, VMware, “Managing a plethora of devices and ensuring that the right data reaches the right device in the right format – if this is achieved, BYOD will become a way of life across corporate organizations. Most companies already have a mobile strategy in place. Now they need to go just one step further and add an ‘end user’ layer to their cloud – public or private – to ensure that security ceases to be a concern for organizational data.”

VMware believes that end user computing is one component of the future of cloud computing – Software Defined Enterprise.
 “Times have changed”, says Mirchandani, “The hardware – servers and PCs – no longer determine the IT operations of companies. It is the software that is navigating the IT ecosystem today.” The software, in this case, is the OS of your favourite computing device, which will soon double up as your office machine.
Jargon buster
End User Computing: In the Mobile-Cloud Era, organizations are tapping into a new model for end-user computing that enables seamless movement from desktop, to laptop, to tablet, to phone, to car with applications, content and devices coming to life anywhere, anyplace, anytime.  More here on VMWare's  concept.
Software Defined Enterprise: “By the end of 2016, every relevant IT organization will have standardized on a  software-defined approach to IT – the key to  creating an agile enterprise. VMware’s task is to help our customers transform to this new model as fast as possible.”  Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMWare  More on SDE here.
For a few days, we carry a video of VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger on Software Defined Enterprise at our tech video on the home page