Hitachi Data Systems' Miki Sandorfi and Sunil Chavan in Bangalore, Oct 27 2009 ( IndiaTechOnline photo)
Hitachi embraces the 'cloud' with new 'agile' offering

Service oriented Storage solutions leader, Hitachi Data Systems has unveiled its own  agile  cloud computing solution -- one which promises customers they can transition as much or as little of their existing enterprise infrastructure to the "Cloud", at their own pace. The ' agility' part of Hitachi's offering, is the ability it gives customers to realise their web-based assets as a public or private cloud -- or a ' masala mix' or hybrid of the two.

As part of its offerings to ease the pangs of new 'cloudy' initiatives that enterprises may contemplate, Hitachi has also unveiled a product called Hitachi Content Platform, that one platform that works simultaneously in the enterprise and in the cloud, eliminating the need to invest in separate islands or silos of information.

Now in India to evangelise Hitachi's foray into cloud computing, Miklos ( "Miki") Sandorfi, Waltham (MA- US)-based Chief Strategy Officer, File and Content Services, told a select media gathering in Bangalore, Tuesday, that today's cloud computing methodologies were not sensitive to heteregenous facts of business life, that corporates had to contend with. The result poor utilization of data resources. Hitachi sought to correct this by allowing customers to 'virtualize' their data assets into a single nimble and service oriented infrastructure, of which cloud computing might be just a part -- albeit an increasingly important one.
( For some more detail, see Miki's blog posted on the day of the global launch of Hitachi's Agile Cloud solution:

Sunil Chavan, Singapore-based Director, Content and File Services, for Asia Pacific, said Indian Independent Service Vendors were rated very highly for their technologically savvy offerings and Hitachi hoped to have its cloud solutions adopted by some of them very soon. One of the first global players to hitch on to the Hitachi cloud, was Australian telecom player Telstra, he added. 

(If you are still challenged by having to make sense of cloud computing, we invite you to look at our video alongside this piece entitled Cloud Computing in plain English, which we sourced courtesy a You Tube clip provided by  )
Bangalore Oct 27 2009