New HP service promises to boost Business Intelligence with Big Data

Bangalore, August 31, 2014: Hewlett Packard has announced new services which promise Merge traditional Business Intelligence with new Big Data technologies and  help enterprises transition to a more data-driven and agile   model.
HP's  Business Intelligence Modernization Services  are designed to help enterprises understand, manage and leverage their data to improve customer engagement, create new business opportunities and reduce costs.
How to optimize your existing BI investments while also taking advantage of Big Data and enhanced analytics -- that is HP's value proposition to corporates.
 “Quickly defining an analytics and big data strategy is an essential step for companies to remain competitive in an environment where the amount of data being collected is outpacing their ability to leverage it,” said Marshal Correia, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Services, HP India. Analytics and Data Management, HP Enterprise Services. “We deliver solutions with flexible consumption models to enable our customers to start focusing immediately on the opportunities that data creates to improve their business.” 
In the “BI Analytics, Q3 2013” TechRadar™ report, Forrester Research, Inc.’s Holger Kisker, Vice President and Research Director and Charles Green, analyst, wrote, “As the amount of data grows and companies’ ability to harness and create value from that data improves, firms will be able to optimize almost all aspects of business operations, including sourcing, logistics and the customer experience. In addition, major dynamics like the digital revolution are upending whole industries; as a result, data-driven insights will become critical to business survival. Therefore, BI analytics are, and will continue to be, one of the main focus areas for companies’ investments and business strategies.”

Document on HP Business Intelligence Modernization