Twitterati, applauds Indian PM's Independence Day call to action

New Delhi, August 16, 2014: The Twitterati has    largely embraced the Indian Prime Minister's call to action to fellow citizens yesterday in his addresss on the occasion of Indepencence Day.
The President’s (@RashtrapatiBhvn) speech was live-tweeted on the eve of August 15th while the Prime Minister’s Office (@PMOIndia) live-tweeted Mr Modi’s maiden Independence Day speech this morning.
This year, the #IndependenceDay conversation on Twitter peaked at 56,000 Tweets per hour from 8:30am-9:30am on August 15th following the end of the PM’s speech. In addition, 9 of the top 10 Twitter India Trends and 5 of the top 10 most-mentioned terms were related to the PM’s speech. Of course, the Prime Minister’s Tweet was the most shared Independence Day Tweet today. (4,459 RTs)
Journalist Tavleen Singh and MAIT President Amar Babu were among early tweeters who found things they liked  in Mr Narendra Modi's speech. MAIT in particular should be enthused by the call to make India a manufacturing powerhouse -- though the organisation  has not reacted formally till now ( noon Saturday).
NASSCOM in its reaction has  its President  R Chandrasekhar saying: “It is heartening to see the PM’s commitment to harness the true potential of IT and the industry and its capabilities to connect and serve each and every citizen of the country, in order to realize his dream of a "Digital India". The emphasis on e-governance, e-healthcare, e-education covering both urban and rural areas, manufacturing in India and public private partnerships is praiseworthy. NASSCOM looks forward to the opportunity to partner with the Government in achieving this lofty vision. NASSCOM has also been working with the government to create a facilitative investment climate and improve ease of doing business in India by way of requisite policy changes and relevant policy implementation measures for enhanced competitiveness of our country.”