Polaris honoured for its 'green' practices

Chennai, July 19, 2014: Indian talent-fuelled global  leader in financial technology products, solutions and services,   Polaris Financial Technology, has been honoured for its  energy conservation and other green  initiatives: The company was  was awarded the 'Best implementation of Green IT' award at the National IT Leadership and Excellence Award ceremony by the Asia Outsourcing Congress, at a function in Mumbai.
Polaris was given this award for its consistent efforts on direct power reduction and for reducing carbon emission amounting to over 3517 tons. For easier comprehension, this equates to the effort of planting 17585 trees per annum.Out of many ways they  Go Green,  here e some of the  more effective ways
-  Polaris shuts down its two unused servers over the weekend to improve data center energy efficiency and to drive its green initiatives forward. Less power consumption results in reduction of carbon emission, and heat output. This reduces carbon emission on a regular basis and helps in protecting the environment.
- Polaris promotes Video Conferencing (VC) within the organization and with clients across the globe. This initiative saves the energy spent on travelling and associated costs.
The economic gain that Polaris accrues due to its Green IT initiatives enable approximate savings of  Rs  60 millions per year on power and travel costs.
Says Shashi Mohan, CIO and CTO, Polaris Financial Technology: “We are delighted to receive the 'Best Implementation Green IT award' as a part of our effective green initiatives implemented. Most organizations replace old RISC based servers and initiate server visualization as part of their ‘Go Green’ initiatives in their data centers. These basics are now into Polaris' DNA. We, in Polaris, started a very unique way of Go Green by 'Weekend Shutdown of the unused Servers: switch off the lights, the ones not needed and when not needed'. We strongly believe in the advantages of Video Conferencing and propagate the same, within the organization, and, with our customers. This has enabled us to reduce unnecessary travel across locations.”
Polaris is  the chosen partner for 9 of the top 10 global banks and 7 of the top 10 global insurance companies. The company has a global presence through its 40 relationship offices across 30 countries, 6 international development centers and 8 fully owned Business Solution centers