Indian innovation fuels power messaging and collaboration tool, Moxtra

Cupertino, California (US), June 13 2014:  A fresh infusion of investor money, six months ago,   has enabled  Indian talent fueled, US Silicon Valley based  Moxtra to launch version 2.6.1 last month   of its  popular  power messaging app.
In another  opening up of its innovation this week, Moxtra is giving free early access to its Power Communications SDK to select mobile & web app developers.
With just a few lines of code, developers can integrate rich, real-time interactive communication capabilities into their apps that include messaging, voice calls, and screen sharing. Many more capabilities of Moxtra will be exposed via SDK in future release.  Moxtra works across platforms and devices and is scalable to billions of users. Individual developers can save millions of dollars in R&D and several years of time-to-market by leveraging the Moxtra SDK, say the makers.

Moxtra enables users to collect any type of digital content, access remote files on desktops, personalize content with voice, and share content publicly on social media or collaborate selectively – all in one app.
Whether you are a student working with a group to beat a deadline, a sales representative driving a team response for a sales opportunity, or a business owner managing your staff deliverable, Moxtra is built for you to orchestrate results on the go.
In a typical usage scenario, t he user can collect the ideas and share them with friends, family contractor and your Interior Designer. Whether you’re the do-it-yourself type or a professional contractor, the Moxtra Binder App is a powerful content collection and collaboration application that helps master the chaos of home improvement and design projects. With the Moxtra Binder, you can stay informed on home improvement projects and keep up to date on every key decision, at every stage of the job. Simply check into the Moxtra Binder to view project updates or collaborate in real time on design ideas such as wall color, appliance selection or blueprint designs. Users can:
- Record audio notes for future reference in the binder.
- Email or text these notes to others involved in the project.
- Capture important design samples and share feedback with voice annotations on any page.
- Share your voice comments and annotations with friends via a Moxtra Note.
- Track scheduling, invoicing or other important agendas to get home improvement projects right!
- Invite important decision makers to be members of the Moxtra Binder so they can view updates and project developments.
- Collaborate in real time on Moxtra Meet with others involved in the project.
- Reference, edit and share your Moxtra Binder at any time.
“Moxtra’s vision is to enable a continuous content collaboration experience for the mobile lifestyle. Today’s mobile users juggle multiple fragmented contentScentric communications," says Subrah S. Iyer, co-founder and CEO of Moxtra
The Moxtra App is available for free from the App Store for iPad and iPhone. Link  here