Indian election site registered largest ever traffic on results day

Bangalore, May 28 2014: The just-concluded Indian general elections  saw record traffic  -- 450 million hits  on a single day --  at the website of the   Election Commission of India.   
The huge spike was driven by end-user demand for minute-by-minute updates on the results. Akamai which powered the  respective platforms,  saw five times increase in web traffic across all its media clients in India with the predominant traffic being on the websites of ECI and NDTV. 
 “On the day of the election results, we saw a massive spike in traffic on our website with 450 million hits, the largest ever online hits on our election site. Managing such high volumes of traffic on a single day requires a robust online infrastructure. With the support of Akamai, we were able to offload 99 percent of our traffic onto their platform and deliver a fast, reliable and seamless user experience. This has delighted our organization and helped us deliver a flawless online experience to the citizens of India” said Deputy Election Commissioner  Alok Shukla.
“We are proud to have successfully delivered a high quality experience to millions of users who visited NDTV and ECI websites. Given the scale of the event, we were prepared to meet the surge in traffic and provide the end users with a reliable and secure site performance, allowing access at real-time,” said Sidharth Malik, Managing Director and Vice President, India, Akamai Technologies.  “Information access has become instantaneous and the Internet is becoming the dominant source for consuming news. Our role in being able to deliver the results for the election online further shows the strength of our global Intelligent Platform.”