G7 CR Technologies launches an integrated HR solution for SMEs

Bangalore, May 10,  2014: Indian talent-driven Global IT solutions  provider, G7 CR Technologies,  has announced an integrated software offering for HR solutions, powered by Microsoft Azure: HAPA
It provides an end to end integrated human resources solution - from recruitment to retirement. Designed specifically for small & medium size enterprises, the app acts as a platform in the cloud that provides customers a comprehensive set of HR features in a cost-effective manner.
HRMS applications empower the HR functions in an organization to manage talent and its retention processes more effectively, thereby enabling HR to focus on qualitatively increasing the talent pool. HAPA is an easily deployable and customizable HRMS that can improve the existing processes, unify various HR systems, and create tremendous impact on the organization’s bottom line. Microsoft Azure provides HAPA with durable cloud storage and a secured cloud platform compliant with key industry standards. 
Says Christopher Richard, Managing Director, G7 CR Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., "With this new launch we aim to take the HRMS experience for SMEs to newer levels. Equipped with a varied set of web applications & geo-redundant cloud storage for back up, archiving & disaster recovery, HAPA provides our customers with an edge over other HRMS apps. The Microsoft Azure platform allows us to scale as  our install base grows. It also enables creating, managing & distributing media on the cloud - everything from encoding to content protection to streaming & analytics support....everything that the HR function has ever asked for."
“Microsoft Azure is an open & flexible cloud platform that enables customers to rapidly build, deploy and manage applications,” said  Vibhor Kapoor, Director, Microsoft Azure Product Marketing. “The global reach of Azure enables G7 CR Technologies to serve their geographically diverse customer base with a solution that will scale to accommodate growing customer demand.”
G7 CR Technologies India is  a part of the G7 Group of companies, ia fast growing Business Process and Knowledge Process organization.