Original Aakash tablet maker DataWind broadens range to 5 models of UbiSlate

Bangalore, May 5 2014: DataWind, the UK-based makers of the first iterations of the Aakash tablet for Indian education, continue to challenge the rest of the market with aggressive pricing on their UbiSlate range of  tablets and phablets.
Their Smartphone-Tablets (Phablets) with SIM-calling functionality  start at Rs.3,999, promising the same level of processing power and double the RAM as the original IpadNothing in the market comes even close, claim  the makers.
DataWind have a number of models ranging from 7” to 9” screens including  embedded 3G modules.  Full  specifications  of  five  models from Rs 3999 to Rs 6999  here
The company is currently offering a special incentive, a Rs. 200 Discount (by using Coupon Code:  EMARONMAL) if you pay Online at www.ubislate..com.

With elections its central concern, the Indian government meanwhile, seems to have slowed down efforts to roll out Version 3   of the Aakash  re-engineered by IIT Mumbai. Nothing has been heard after  announcements at year beginning that some new manufacturers has been empanelled. Ironically DataWind who made Aakash happen in the first place  is now able to tap multiple markets in the West, where  a  fully functional kids' tablet for  $ 70 or so might seem like a steal.