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Reliance ties up to offer country-wide 3G services

Mumbai, April 28, 2014: Reliance Communications  have  rolled out  country-wide 3G services for their customers  by  striking strategic Inter-Circle roaming partnerships with other leading telecom companies -- the first operator to do so.
Says “Gurdeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Business, Reliance Communications: “We have always delivered innovative products and services to our customers with incredible affordability and, at RCOM, we strongly believe in connecting every Indian and bringing about a discernible change not just in their lifestyles, but in their lives as well."
Reliance Communications offers 3G services in 13 Circles nationally—Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, North East, Jammu & Kashmir. With the new 3G roaming partnerships with other leading Indian telecom companies, customers of RCOM can now enjoy affordable and non-stop 3G data services across the country while roaming.


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Reliance ties up to offer country-wide 3G services
by Sampar on October  22,  2015
  "Hello Guys,I wanted to share this iorfomatinn about making Reliance Huawei 325 work with Windows 7 64 bit OS.I could not locate the driver for 325 to work with Windows 7 64 bit. Then I thought of trying Tata Photon+ in Windows 7. My friend had EC1260C model. I just plugged it and the drivers were automatically installed from the device itself. I installed the dialer that is in-built in the device and I was able to successfully connect using EC1260C Tata Photon+.Just when I was thinking I should buy EC1260C device, I plugged back my Huawei 325 device for my surprise, it got automatically detected because EC1260C had already installed the necessary drivers.To confirm the same, go to device manager and you will see HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Modem under Modem.Next, I installed Reliance mobile connect software for EC325. Now it detects and initializes EC325 device. However, when I click on Connect, it fails with the error Connection Failed. Please check the device or network connection settings . Then, I had to follow the steps mentioned in the beginning of this post to make the device to connect to internet.Thanks,Chandru"
Reliance ties up to offer country-wide 3G services
by Akash on October  26,  2015
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